Identification guide for design numbers on United States stamped envelopes, wrappers, and letter sheets
thirty-two cents

(updated 1 December 2014)

There are 6 designs of indicia whose face value is thirty-two cents, each of which is distinctive enough that it can be identified by examining the images below.

Liberty Bell
design U177
Shared by Scott #U632 (printed in greenish blue and blue on white paper) and #U638 (printed in greenish blue and blue on white security paper)
spiral heart
design U181
 =  Scott #U637 (printed in red on light blue paper)
shuttle and space station hologram
design U163
 =  Scott #U639 (printed in carmine-rose on white paper)
save our environment
design U182
 =  Scott #U640 (multicolored on white paper)
1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games
design U183
 =  Scott #U641 (multicolored on white paper)
Great Seal of the United States
design UO37
 =  Scott #UO88 (printed in blue and red on white paper)

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