Identification guide for design numbers on United States stamped envelopes, wrappers, and letter sheets
eighteen cents

(updated 13 December 2014)

There are 5 designs of indicia whose face value is eighteen cents, each of which is distinctive enough that it can be identified by examining the images below.

bust of Washington
design U22
 =  Scott #U70 (printed in red on buff paper)
design U139
 =  Scott #U593 (printed in dark blue on white paper)
remember the blinded veteran
design U146
 =  Scott #U600 (printed in blue and red on white paper)
USA in outlined letters
design UC18
 =  Scott #UC48 (printed in red and blue on blue paper)
USA in solid letters
design UC19
 =  Scott #UC49 (printed in red and blue on blue paper)

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