Identification guide for design numbers on United States stamped envelopes, wrappers, and letter sheets
thirteen cents

(updated 30 November 2014)

There are 12 designs of indicia whose face value is thirteen cents, each of which is distinctive enough that it can be identified by examining the images below:

quilt pattern
design U119
 =  Scott #U572 (printed in brown and blue-green on light brown paper)
sheaf of wheat
design U120
 =  Scott #U573 (printed in brown and bright green on light brown paper)
mortar and pestle
design U121
 =  Scott #U574 (printed in brown and orange on light brown paper)
hand tools
design U122
 =  Scott #U575 (printed in brown and carmine on light brown paper)
liberty tree
design U123
 =  Scott #U576 (printed in orange-brown on white paper)
Pony Express rider and train, 1876޸
design U129
 =  Scott #U582 (printed in emerald on white paper)
design U130
 =  Scott #U583 (printed in black, blue, and yellow-green on white paper)
energy conservation
design U131
 =  Scott #U584 (printed in black, red, and yellow on white paper)
energy development
design U132
 =  Scott #U585 (printed in black, red, and yellow on white paper)
John F. Kennedy and jet airplane
design UC12
 =  Scott #UC39 (printed in red and dark blue on blue paper)
Human Right's Year
design UC14
 =  Scott #UC42 (printed in gray, brown, orange, and black on blue paper)
flying bird
design UC17
 =  Scott #UC47 (printed in rose-red on white paper)

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