Identification guide for design numbers on United States stamped envelopes, wrappers, and letter sheets
seven cents

(updated 11 December 2014)

There are 4 designs of indicia whose face value is seven cents. Two of these designs are distinctive enough that they can be identified by examining the images immediately below. The remaining 2 designs can be distinguished by answering the question following those two images.

DC-4 Skymaster
design UC3
 =  Scott #UC26
jet airplane silhouette
design UC8
   printed in blue and diagnostic for Scott #UC33 or printed in red and diagnostic for UC34

Question 1: Are the lower end of the numeral 7's turned upward? (choose an answer below)

     yes You have identified design U49, printed in vermilion and shared by Scott #s U185 (white paper; not regularly issued) and U186 (amber).
     no, they are curved but not turned upward You have identified design U27, printed in vermilion on amber paper and diagnostic for Scott #U88.

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