Identification guide for design numbers on United States stamped envelopes, wrappers, and letter sheets
one and one-half cents

Question 1: What image is the principal part of the design?
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Mount Vernon You have identified design U95, printed in chocolate on white paper and diagnostic for Scott #U524.
design U95
a bust of Washington
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design U93

design U98

Question 2: Is the shape of the design a circle or an oval?
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circle You have identified design U93, printed in brown and shared by Scott #s U481 (white paper), U482 (amber), U483 (blue), U484 (manila), and W485 (manila) - For a guide to identifying the two dies, click here.
design U93
oval You have identified design U98, printed in brown on white paper and diagnostic for Scott #U535.
design U98
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